Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Booth

I made this fun little project as a wedding present for my friend Eduardo. I know he loves photo booths; their save-the-date even included photo strips of he and his now wife. It only took a couple of days and was a nice break from other projects. I had a lot of fun with the little details. The seat raises and lowers as you spin it. The curtain pulls back and forth and there is even a maintenance hatch on the back to change out the battery. Sadly it doesn't take photos, but when you push the little button the flashbulb goes off.
click photos to enlarge

Outside: paper, matte board, acrylic paint, foil, 
Seat: bottle cap, screw and bolts, 
Slots: found metal pieces
Curtain: found fabric
Curtain rod: plastic piece from model kit for  
Carpet: old chair fabric
Light: Plastic flash cover from broken camera, LED light, switch, wires, battery

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