Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm still here...

I've been working on a couple private commissions lately that I can't really share images of, thus the lack of posts. I need to wrap up a couple more things this week, but hopefully I'll be back to working on M'aidez again soon. My wife and I are expecting our first child this summer, so I have a bit of a deadline now to try to get the short wrapped up. We plan on taking a couple months off after the little guy is born to get use to the new family experience ahead of us .

Here is something amazing to look at.

 I came across this book Automaton by Paolo Ventura over the summer when we were in Paris. I was floored by its beauty. Paolo immerses you into his world. The details kept me staring at the same image for long stretches of time. The story is simple, but very striking. Here is a video of him reading the text along with all of the images in the book.
I am still not sure exactly what his process is. I know he constructs his background, but I'm not sure if the dolls and clothing he uses are scratch built or modified from existing models. In any case the photos are beautiful.

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