Saturday, March 24, 2012

M'aidez in progress

Here are a couple progress images of the figure I've been working on. I have a few more I'll put up at some point.

The armature for the figure was pieced together with some K'nex parts I found at a thrift store. I cobbled it together to try to get the joints proportionate to a body. I cut and re-glued a lot of the pieces to get the sizing correct. I think it has about fifteen points of articulation on it.

I created the hands from scratch. They are made of cut down plastic gift cards or credit card, glue, and bent wire. The hands were very pose-able. They lost a bit of their movement once I sewed the gloves over them.

I use these mini clothespins all of the time to help hold small pieces while glue drys. I think I found them at an A.C. Moore, they are the best. The suit was all hand sewn. I based the suit off of a Mego action figure jumpsuit pattern online. You can see lots of other custom patterns at Mego Madhouse.

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